Teletrade - iAuction 2255 Lot #1479

  • PCGS
  • 40
  • CAC
  • N

$1 1798 XF 40 PCGS 5 Stripes

Attractive with old cabinet tones on both sides. There are adjustment marks on the reverse. PCGS has certified just 32 coins of this type with a mere five coins at this level with just 14 finer. A scarce variety, as it is the shield of the 5 vertical stripes variety and also is one of the knob 9 variety. Each vertical stripe in the shield is made up of five individual lines. Two reverse dies among 1798 dollars have these diagnostics and they were used for just four minting pairs. This coin was once part of the Highlander PCGS Registry Set, the third finest of all time Early Dollars with Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1794-1803). B-6, BB-96 [R4]. The Highlander Set certified the first 1798 Large Eagle 5 Stripes with PCGS.

PCGS#: 6874