Bowers and Merena - The July 2008 Baltimore Rarities Sale Lot #495

  • NGC
  • 12
  • CAC
  • N

1796 Draped Bust Quarter. B-2. Rarity-3. F-12 (NGC).

A well-worn, yet problem-free example of the "High 6" variety of the 1796 Quarter, this piece retains at least outline definition to most major design elements. We are pleased to report that the central devices also retain some bolder detail in the more protected areas, and the denticulation is complete in approximately 75% of the areas around the borders on both sides. The surfaces are completely original with lavender-gray patina in the fields, medium-gray tinting to the devices and a few streaks of charcoal-gold color over the lower reverse. A few scattered circulation marks are commensurate with the grade, but a series of sizeable die breaks (as struck) at the upper-right obverse rim are significant. Indicative of a late, probably terminal state of the obverse die, the existence of these cracks first came to light in the March 1935 Glendining sale. Apparently a rare die state, it has been many years since this cataloger has seen an example with these die breaks.