Bowers and Merena - The June 2008 Baltimore Auction Lot #1062

  • NGC
  • 65
  • CAC
  • N

1860 Seated Liberty Silver Dollar. MS-65 (NGC).

When handling Uncertified Seated Dollars dated 1860, you can pretty much bet that the coin was struck in the New Orleans Mint before even turning the piece over to check for the distinct O mintmark. Indeed, the 1860-O is one of the most common No Motto Seated Dollars in Mint State, a fact that is due to the Treasury Department's release of at least one 1,000-coin bag of BU examples during the early 1960s. Fate was not as kind to the 1860-P, however, and we are unaware of there ever having been even a small hoard of this issue. Instead of being saved, the 1860 was largely used in foreign trade, during the course of which the majority of examples were destroyed or otherwise lost to future generations of collectors. Today, this issue is scarce-to-very scarce in circulated grades and quite rare in Mint State.Not only is this piece fully Uncirculated, but it is a lovely Gem with virtually brilliant, satin-textured surfaces. The lightest golden iridescence is evident at a few angles, but not even close inspection reveals a bothersome abrasion. Very well struck for a Seated Dollar of any date and issuing Mint, with a pleasing appearance.