Stack's Bowers - The May 2013 ANA National Money Show Lot #1008

  • PCGS
  • 40
  • CAC
  • N

1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar. B-13, BB-24. Rarity-5. Two Leaves. EF-40 (PCGS). OGH.

Gorgeous EF 1795 Flowing Hair Dollar

A gorgeous EF specimen from the second of two years of the Flowing Hair design type. The smooth and attractive surfaces are soft steel and lilac-gray throughout, indicating a coin that has not been tampered with in recent decades; an early dollar with this surface quality is a rare find in today's numismatic marketplace. We note some planchet adjustment marks, as struck, across the eagle's breast, otherwise we choose not to nit-pick, as the next owner will no doubt also choose. The quality offered herein is substantial at many levels, and early dollar specialists as well as those bent on a high-quality type set should take a good look before this lot goes home with someone else. The old style PCGS insert carries coin # 6852, which is now reserved for the Three Leaves Guide Book variety of the 1795 Flowing Hair silver dollar.

PCGS#: 6853