Stack's Bowers - The November 2010 Baltimore Auction Lot #2209

  • NGC
  • 58
  • CAC
  • N

1798 Draped Bust Silver Dollar. Large Eagle. BB-107, B-21. Rarity-5. Bowers Die State II. Pointed 9, 10 Arrows. AU-58 (NGC).

Near-Mint 1798 Large Eagle Dollar, Only 10 Arrows

Both sides are richly patinated, the obverse in a charcoal-gray color and the reverse a bit lighter with more of a golden-gray hue. We further note a bold strike from a relatively well-centered impression, as well as an outwardly smooth "look" to the surfaces. A scarce die marriage of the issue, and a popular Guide Book variety with only 10 arrows in the cluster within the eagle's left (facing) talon.