Stack's Bowers - The August 2010 Boston Rarities Sale Lot #1008

  • PCGS
  • 53
  • CAC
  • N

1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar. BB-21, B-1. Rarity-1. Two Leaves. AU-53 (PCGS). CAC. Secure Holder.

Richly Toned 1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar

A second conditionally scarce Flowing Hair Dollar from the Hesselgesser Collection, this AU comes down to us from the equally popular B-1 die marriage. Both sides are toned in mottled steel-gray and dove-gray shades that make a profound impression on the eye. The obverse is the bolder of the two sides as far as color is concerned, but both sides also feature more subtle sandy-gray outlines to many of the devices. A few inconspicuous adjustment marks (as made) are concentrated in the center of the obverse, but they did not prevent either side from receiving a strike that, by the standards of the type, cannot be described as anything less than bold. Minimally worn and free of outwardly distracting abrasions, this coin is sure to appeal to both the high-grade type collector and the advanced early Dollar specialist.

PCGS#: 39986

Pedigree: Ex: Hesselgesser Collection.