Stack's Bowers - The March 2010 Baltimore Auction Lot #932

  • NGC
  • 50
  • CAC
  • N

1795 Flowing Hair Silver Dollar. BB-27, B-5. Rarity-1. Bowers Die State II. Three Leaves. AU-50 (NGC).

Lightly Circulated 1795 Flowing Hair S$1

Well struck with nice centering on the planchet, both sides of this coin retain overall bold definition despite having acquired light wear. Soft toning in pinkish-gray patina blankets most areas, a blush of slightly bolder lilac-gray color being confined to the left-obverse field. There are no singularly distracting abrasions, and none are of significant size for an early U.S. silver coin of this size. A strong candidate for inclusion in a high-grade type set.