Teletrade - iAuction 1853 Lot #1133

  • NGC
  • 4
  • CAC
  • N

Silver Dollars 1795 g 04 NGC Flowing Hair

B-5. BB-27. Uniform medium gray toning. Surfaces are remarkably smooth and close to blemish-free. Just faint hairlines. Minimal minute ticks and scuffs. The rim is slightly worn into the field at the lower right obverse and corresponding reverse position, and intrudes minimally into the reverse lettering. Very desirable at the Good -4 grade level, and rare certified as such. A one-year only type for all practical purposes, and certainly among the most historic of all early American coins. Truly, this example would be nearly impossible to improve upon in a NGC G-4 holder, if in fact, another could be located. Affordable, and an absolute delight to behold.