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New to Stack's — Auction Keyword Search, Session Filters and Jump to Lot Listing

Author: Stack's Bowers Galleries /Thursday, May 29, 2014/Categories: Web Tips

We are delighted to present our new auction search features! Made to help you explore our auctions by keywords, auction session and lots, these latest search capabilities will assist you in finding whatever you're looking for quickly and easily.

Please take the new search functions for a spin and if you have any questions, feel free to refer back to this web page, which will help you optimize your auction searches.

Keyword Search
Begin by visiting Click on the Browse Auctions tab.

Click the View All Lots button for the auction you wish to search.

Type in a keyword or keywords into the Keyword Search field. For example, if you’re looking for a Barber dime, type in “Barber dime” and click Search.

The page will now only display items with the words you entered into the Keyword Search field. Results will appear in order by lot number. The Keyword Search box will indicate the category being searched. The Categories and Denominations fields will also update to only display items with the words entered into the Keyword Search.

Please note: The Keyword Search will only preform a search in the specific auction(s) you have selected.

You can also search for a particular lot number featured in the auction you have selected by simply typing the lot number in the Keyword Search field and clicking the Search button.

The page will now only display the detailed lot listing page for the lot number you entered in the Keyword Search field.

Clear Keyword Search
To go back to the previous listing of items featured in the auction you selected, click the Clear button in the Keyword Search box.

Session Filters
To filter an auction by session, click the + icon located next to the auction name in the Auction Titles box.

The menu will now display all of the open sessions listed in the auction you selected.

To view a specific session, begin by unchecking the box next to auction name, then check only the session(s) you wish to view.

The page will now only display the lots listed in the session(s) you selected.

To go back and view all of the open lot sessions featured in the auction you selected simply click the box next to the auction name. Notice all of the session boxes will now automatically be selected.

Jump to Lot Listing
To view a lot detail page for an item featured in any active auction, enter the lot number in the box to the left of the Jump to Lot button, then click the Jump to Lot button.

The page will now only display the lot detail page for the lot number you entered.

Clearing Individual and All Filters
To clear individual filters, click the corresponding Clear button in the filter box.

To clear all filters and search keywords, click the Clear All Filters & Search button, located above the filters.

The page will now display all open lots in all live auctions.

If you have any questions regarding our latest search functions, please feel free to contact us at 800.458.4646 or



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