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Pleasing EF 1787 Fugio Copper Offered in Our Upcoming iAuction

Pleasing EF 1787 Fugio Copper Offered in Our Upcoming iAuction

By Frank Van Valen, Numismatist and Cataloger, U.S. Coins

Author: Frank Van Valen/Friday, April 4, 2014/Categories: iAuctions

The first coins issued under authority of the newly-founded United States of America were the Fugio coppers of 1787. The motto on the coins, “MIND YOUR BUSINESS,” was suggested by Ben Franklin; if he had his way, it would have been our nation’s motto.

Fugio coppers are found in numerous varieties – several dozen, in fact, and all are dated 1787. Patient collectors endeavor to complete a collection of Fugio coppers (though a few of the varieties are prohibitively rare), while others simply enjoy a single example to represent the type in their collections.

The Fugio copper in our upcoming iAuction is a pleasing EF with medium brown surfaces and not too many marks or other distractions. The devices, a sun dial and blazing sun on the obverse and a linked circle of rings on the reverse that represent the 13 original colonies/states, are bold for the grade. The word Fugio itself refers to the sun dial and means “I Fly” as in “Time Flies,” a constant reminder to the early citizens of our country that life is fleeting and one must always move forward. This advice is still sound today.

We suspect there will be great interest in this Fugio copper – and all the other coins in our next iAuction, a popular internet-only sale that includes everything from copper to gold and all stops in-between. We look forward to your participation, and, as always, we wish you much success!


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