April 2014 Hong Kong Lot #31489

The Mira Hong Kong Hotel
4/1/2014 9:00:00 AM4/1/2014 5:00:00 PM
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Price Realized: $334,600.00


CHINA. Kweichow. 20 Cents, Year 38 (1949). NGC MS-61.

EXTREMELY RARE 1949 Greek Border Kweichow 20 Cent

Ex: Irving Goodman Collection; Ex: Eduard Kann Collection

L&M-615 (plate coin); K-758II (this coin); Y-431 (plate coin); WS-1115 (plate coin); Top Chinese Coins-pg. 129 (plate coin); Wenchao-pg. 668#1067 rarity four stars (plate coin). This issue is described in Kann as scarce, the author notes in 1953 that this specimen was the only known example of this coin, belonging to his own personal collection. An EXTREMELY RARE and important subsidiary coinage dated Year 38 (1949), considered to be the fractional counterpart of the famous “Bamboo Dollar”. Struck from well executed dies bearing a Greek border on both sides. The reverse bearing the large denomination “20” is encircled by twenty-seven small “20’s” in a circular border between the denomination and the Greek border. Effectively the reverse of the coin is denominated twenty-eight times. This coin is the highest graded by either PCGS or NGC. This piece shows exquisite detail in addition to its extreme rarity, exhibiting a subtle and lovely rose hued tone with some slightly darker areas. Truly a magnificent coin that will enhance the new collection it calls home, and elevating it to a legendary status.
Of the utmost rarity and importance with an impeccable lineage of pedigrees.

Estimate: $90,000.00 - $120,000.00
NGC MS-61.
Pedigree: From the W&B Capital Collection; Ex: Superior Galleries June 1991 Auction lot #1129 "The Irving Goodman Collection of Chinese Coinage"; Ex: Schulman Coin & Mint Inc. June 1971 Auction lot #919 "The Eduard Kann Collection, Coins and China".
PCGS # 792052



古德曼 / 耿愛德舊藏

珍稀度☆☆☆☆。L&M 615書圖原品。據耿愛德1953年出版的書上描述,此幣為試樣,僅知一枚,由他收藏。這是民國卅八年(1949年)製造,預定作為“竹子幣”的輔幣。雕刻精美,兩面的外圈為雲雷紋。背面為面值“20”,在雲雷紋及面值間並有27個細小的“20”環繞,也就是說它的面值出現28次。這是無論PCGS或NGC所評鑑的最高等級。細節極為精緻且其極罕見,在氧化較深部份有漂流的玫瑰色調包漿。納入集藏中,可以提升至新的境界。除了極度珍稀及具重要性外,傳承有序是無可比擬的因素。