April 2014 Hong Kong Lot #30162

The Mira Hong Kong Hotel
3/31/2014 9:00:00 AM3/31/2014 5:00:00 PM

Price Realized: $38,837.50


KOREA. Large Rectangular Openwork Chatelaine, ca. 19th Century.
162.8 x 112.38 mm. Mandel-108.2; KCBC-Y-34; KCY-1-66-1. A variety of charms (Mandel type: 34.1, 71.1, 71.2, 71.3, 75.3, 76.1, 76.2 & 86.26) arranged in rows of three, with one circular charm with two butterflies flanking it. All enclosed in a floral motif border. An ornate red cord with tassels and culminating in an intricate and beautiful infinity knot. A long brass bar (315 mm) is attached to the main design. Numerous colorful ribbons attached. A total of (4) charms, (29) seed coins and (131) coins are woven into the ribbons. Nearly all of the coins have intact pigment, with blues, greens and reds present. A magnificent red ribbon, embroidered in gold with longevity and marriage symbols. A finely crafted specimen with intricate and original details and attachments. A stellar example.
Estimate: $10,000.00 - $15,000.00
Pedigree: From the Craig Collection.

162.8 x 112.38 mm。 曼德爾書108.2。書圖編號 34.1, 71.1, 71.2, 71.3, 75.3, 76.1, 76.2 及 86.26。由多枚花錢組合為三列而成。上端花錢左右為蝴蝶,由花飾圖案圍住。紅色絲帶彩結、315 mm長的黃銅棒連接主要設計。無數彩帶連接,共有4個花錢、29個子錢及131個小錢。幾乎所有的原來塗料都在,有藍、綠、紅等色。令人驚嘆的一件。