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Layered in rich charcoal-blue, rose-apricot and steel gray patina, this remarkably smooth near-Gem stands in stark contract to the typically encountered BU 1860-O Liberty Seated dollar in today's market. Walter Breen in his Complete Encyclopedia published in 1988, noted that the 1860-O is "common in . . . Mint State from six Treasury bags (6,000 pieces) released 1962-63." There have been many rumors spread over the years about intact and dispersed Treasury bags of silver dollars released from the giant U.S. Treasury hoard more than a half century ago. Although these stories are occasionally retold in assorted numismatic reference books, they are rarely if ever sourced, and hence impossible to corroborate. As it happens, combined population statistics suggest that it is far more likely that there was just one Treasury bag of 1860-O dollars released back in the 1960s. It would be fascinating to ascertain the source of the various Treasury Hoard rumors, and what the promulgator(s) of these tales hoped to achieve. Most surviving Mint State 1860-O dollars are bagmarked and range in grade from MS-60 to MS-62. Examples grading MS-64 or finer are rare.